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P-Hive, the polystyrene hive that brings beekeeping into the future

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P-Hive - Polystyrene at the service of the beekeeper

P-Hive is an Italian brand that created the first polystyrene hive. The brand was created as a result of the demand from professional beekeepers looking for a safe and high-performance hive with the co-operation of Gasperini EPS, a leader in polystyrene processing for over 50 years.


The most famous polystyrene hive in the world: the beauty of innovation with just a touch of “green” credentials.

P-Hive now offers a range of polystyrene beehives and accessories to meet the needs of every beekeeper. Carefully designed and meticulously tested, these versatile, resilient products are reliable and practical.

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and that’s just the start!

We believe that a durable product will be less polluting because it does not need to be replaced as frequently. P-Hive products last much longer than standard wooden hives, and are a long-lasting and sustainable investment. In addition, our products can be modified to always stay up to date.

The Environment



Every single component of the P-Hive is 100% recyclable. The shell is made of HIGH DENSITY polystyrene, a low impact material and 100% recyclable. This material is also used in the FOOD industry, and makes it possible to create perfectly SMOOTH, HYGIENIC and PRECISE surfaces. In addition, the discs and the frame holder profiles are made from 100% recycled impact-resistant polystyrene, while the metal parts are all stainless steel. These factors ensure that all the components of the P-Hive are totally recyclable.


Ergonomic, lightweight, and modular

P-Hive is an ERGONOMIC hive. Its design includes two comfortable grips on each side of the shell, accessible both from the ground and from a raised platform. The use of high density polystyrene makes them much more manageable and LIGHTER than any other type of hive. It is MODULAR, so is perfectly compatible with a wide range of accessories and modules.

The Seasons

The best thermal properties

P-Hive has excellent thermal properties thanks to the greater thickness of the HIGH-DENSITY POLYSTYRENE walls that keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.

Created to express
your personality!

P-Hive comes in a classic white colour with colourful touches. Choose the colour you like best, modify it, varnish it, or paint it, expressing all your natural creativity!!!

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