Maximum performance with eight frames!

P-Hive Infinity is the new standard in the beekeeping industry. Thanks to the experience we gained with previous models and further in-depth research, the P-Hive Infinity ensures excellent production performance, through the use of a super with 8-frames.

Its design? It’s pure function!

Its inlet discs ensure an airflow that is under the complete control of the beekeeper. In addition to acting as perfect heat sinks in the hottest weather, the discs ensure perfect thermal balance is maintained (airflow) in winter and in summer. The discs in the P-Hive Infinity model are removable during the colonisation phase of the hive and can be locked in position, as required by the beekeeper, utilising a new mechanical fastening system.


Its shape allows you to move P-Hive Infinity using two comfortable handles set into the body, one for lifting it from the ground and the other for lifting it from a raised base. This special feature, combined with the lightness of high-density polystyrene, facilitates non-sedentary beekeeping (nomadic beekeeping)… and has never been so convenient.

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At the heart of Infinity

Modules and accessories turn the Infinity into a modular and stackable product.
Explore the features that make this polystyrene hive unique.

Infinity infinity 1

with 8 honeycomb frames melario-6

Top feeder

Designed to feed the inhabitants of the hive with syrup (with an anti-drowning mesh) and with solid food (without the anti-drowning mesh).nutritore-superiore-a-vasche

Stainless steel partition

Makes it possible to accommodate two different bee colonies in the same hive (with four frames each). Or, it can be used to create a fertilisation nucleus. The upper edge stops the divider from bending and creating a passage between one nucleus and another. fecondazione-dettaglio-1


with four positions: open, closed, ventilation, anti-robbing and anti-swarming fecondazione-dettaglio-1