The original modular polystyrene hive, the Dadant Blatt model

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The P-Hive beehives have excellent weather resistance thanks to the high-density polystyrene, but to ensure resistance to UV rays we recommend painting. Water-based enamels can be used, preferably less diluted, or washable outdoor colors, always water-based. We recommend the use of light colors and applying the color evenly and opaquely.


Poly-Hive is a modular polystyrene hive, the Dadant Blatt model. On the market since October 2013, the first prototype came out at the beginning of the same year. The product meets the needs of contemporary beekeepers, in which every aspect is designed to be beneficial to the bee, to guarantee the colony’s well-being in all conditions. Poly-Hive enjoys high mechanical and thermal resistance, and is highly resistant to rain thanks to a hinged system that protects every part of the hive. The reduced space between the roof and the frame stops the bees from filling the gaps with wax and makes the beekeeper’s work much easier. The extensive ventilation network, located at the bottom of the hive, creates a flow of fresh air and helps in the control of Varroa infestations, a mite that is harmful to bees. Poly-Hive can be used as an over-wintering hive, a fertilisation hive, or a production hive. The basic structure can be modified with accessories and additional components. All metal parts of the hive are made of STAINLESS steel.

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At the heart of the Poly-Hive

Modules and accessories make Poly-Hive a complete and flexible product.
Explore the features that make this polystyrene hive unique.

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Hive box

Designed for the production of honey, it can hold either five or six frames and has the same features as the P-Hive hive. melario-6

Top feeder

Designed to feed the inhabitants of the hive with syrup (with an anti-drowning mesh) and with solid food (without the anti-drowning mesh). nutritore-superiore-a-vasche

STAINLESS steel sheet divider

Allows you to host two colonies of bees and fertilise two queens simultaneously, to create two new nuclei. The upper part of the partition is edged to prevent deformation. The upper edge stops the divider from bending and creating a passage between one nucleus and another.fecondazione-dettaglio-1

Hive entrance gate

This consists of a disc with four openings: open, closed, anti-swarm and over-wintering limiter, and anti-robbing. Available in different colours to help the bees recognise their own hives. sistemi-di-chiusura

Varroa control box

This optional accessory is placed under the ventilation mesh and makes it easy to check for Varroa infestations. It is made entirely of STAINLESS steel.Cassetto controllo Varroa