P-HIVE 135mm Hive Entrance Gate

This consists of a disc with four settings: open, anti-swarm, closed, ventilation. Available in five colours to help the bees recognise their own hives.

The P-Hive entrance gate has been developed with the needs of beekeepers in mind. The disc has four different settings: open, anti-swarm, closed, and ventilation. In this way, you can control the coming and going of your bees. In the open position, the system allows the bees to freely enter and exit the hive. The anti-swarm setting prevents the queen from swarming. In the closed position, the disc keeps the bees inside the hive. The ventilation setting allows air to flow into the hive and prevents mould from forming.

The system is available in different colours to make it easier for bees to recognise their own hive.